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We are back at it again finally after a week hiatus. We spend most of our time speculating about the Coronavirus since we dont actually know much about it. We talk about how it has personally impacted us and how we dont have any sports to watch anymore. 


Life’s Too Short, Travel

Andrew Townsend, aka Towny calls in from the beautiful city of Fresno in the beautiful state of California. Originally from South Dakota Andrew become a travel nurse as well as serving with the National Guard! His career has given him the flexibility and passion for seeing the world! He shares his experiences outside of the U.S. along with some of his favorite places in the states as well. Be careful, traveling is addictive, once you start, you cant stop!


Sieff’s Kingdom

It had been way too long since the last time Zach Sieff, aka DJ Zeo was a guest on the show! We had such a blast we promise not to make you wait an additional two years til his next appearance. We covered his superbowl experience, watching his Chiefs win take it home and being in Kansas City for the parade. We talk a lot about the many different events Zach has throughout the year from proms to weddings to his annual birthday pizza party! Zach is one of the most selfless, enthusiastic people you will ever meet and is always more than willing to open up to the dreamers.  If you enjoy this half as much as we did recording this you are in for a treat!


Go West!

Back on the train. We visit about Zach's recent trip to Fargo and his future trip the Black Hills. We cover a few opportunities of things to do while visiting the great western frontier. We finish and have a come to Jesus moment at the end. We talk about what will get the fire back!! Make podcasting great again!!


Winter Blues

The first 25 minutes we talk about the Super Bowl. We dont talk about the actual game as much as spectating traditions, prop bets, and commercials. Then we talk about winter limbo. We discuss the anxiousness that sets in about 3/4 of the way through winter now that all the big winter time events are over. Lastly we wrap up with our segment of "The guys who dont really watch the bachelor but quiz a guy who actually doesnt watch the bachelor at all"


8/24: Remembering Kobe

Zach and Casey talk about Kobe's death, legacy, and why it seemed to have a huge impact on people who didnt know him personally. 


Fish Cop

Thanks for being patient!! We still got it released on a Monday! We talked with Brady Rhoda, brother of powerful co-host Casey Rhoda. Over the past couple of years, Brady went through a few huge and challenging changes in his life which he opens up and shares with us. We talk about going to school and getting a degree in a certain field but ending up doing something unrelated. We talk about the feelings and motivation behind being open to opportunity and change. Brady highlights the application, testing, academy, and field training process and what it takes to become a game warden. We discuss the difficulty of being apart from your wife and eventually be expecting your first child. Lastly we tried a new segment! We are calling it "guys who kind of watch the bachelor asking a guys who doesnt watch the bachelor at all some questions about the bachelor"  


Pod Wars: Episode 88

This is a big week! We have 4 guests along for the ride sharing their Star Wars knowledge. We cover a TON of stuff in a short hour. Matt Van Soelen, Trevor Kauk, Jacob and Nick deVries all call in to give us some new Star Wars insight. We start by talking about Disney taking the franchise, is it good or bad (9:50). We move into the weird release order of the episodes and why Star Wars has such a strong fan base (16:50). Next we discuss what makes Star Wars, Star Wars; what some of the big themes are across all movies (22:00). This leads us to where Star Wars goes from here (28:50). Each of the guys chip in some fan theories and conspiracies (35:00). We have some fun with GOAT picks on both the Sith and Jedi side with snub debates too (42:00) and who some of the other notable characters are. We wrap up with where Star Wars lands in the each of the guys' tv show or franchise all time list (1:00:00).


Welcome to 2020!

First episode of the new year! Zach and Casey cover some non health and fitness goals that we are targeting going into 2020. We talk about winter driving, anyone else get cold sweats after driving through a blizzard?? Lastly we wrap up with some nfl playoff talk.  


New Year New Me

JT comes back on the pod to talk about health and fitness. We follow up on a few of the topics we touched on with Rob a couple weeks back as well as get into some new fitness areas. JT talks about what it takes for someone to get into and stay in the proper mindset to make sure health and fitness is a long term goal. We talk about the good and bad of new years resolutions when it comes to the gym. We talk about some of the things that might keep someone out of the gym. Lastly we touch on some personal goal setting.

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